Is it better to win the battle for the mind or for the heart?

02 Feb

Time and again I am confronted by organizations that want to make changes to the way they do things and time and again they fall into the same trap called logic and common sense.

Using logic to articulate and convey reason for why things have to change feels just so right. It makes sense. Yet little change actually happens. This is becasue people are not moved into action by logic. They are moved into action by emotion.

Logic says don’t run a red light. People who run red lights all fully agree to the logic, yet they still do it. Why? For emotional reasons.

To drive change in an organization you must realise you are fighting a battle for the heart first, then only the mind.

The more you engage people in a manner that is clear, compelling and consequential, the higher the chances are you will get motion. Clear is about the clartiy of the message. Compelling is the strength of the message. Consequential is what makes people tip over and move. All 3 are designed to engage emotion from the audience. (Learnt this from Debb Nunes and Patricia Marshall, so a thank you to them)

Leaders always get caught up with the marathon effect, and unless they realise it, no amount of logic or common sense is going to help them bring thier organiation along. In fact the reverse happens, the leadsers get frustrated with the organization, start taking it out on the organization and further alienate themselves from any chances of success.

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