An Indian’s Wish

04 Feb


A drunkard jobless Indian stumbled onto a lamp. He rubbed on it and a magical genie Singh with a turban appeared and said “I grant you two wishes, Macha..” The Indian thought for a while and said “OK, I want to be rich like a Chinaman! Poof! When the smoke disappeared, the Indian was smartly dressed, hair jelled and combed back like Chow Yuen Fatt complete with handphone in hand. As he walked towards his brand new shiny Mercedes, he noticed his own reflection. Not only was he smartly dressed, he was also much fairer in complexion. The shocked Indian angrily summoned the genie and complained ” Are you deaf or what? I said I wanted to be rich like a Chinaman, not become a Chinaman!” I don’t want to be a Chinaman because they cheat, lie and con their way to become rich…” The genie reminded him that he’s entitled to one more wish “What do you want then, Muthu?” To which Muthu quickly replied ” I just want to be rich and I don’t want to work!” Poof! He was transformed into a Bumiputra…

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Posted by on February 4, 2007 in Humour


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