The Power of Common Language

16 Feb

I was asked a very good question this morning. The question was “why do I keep using the phrase common language” and what does it mean?

Well, one of the biggest challenges in running accelerated business improvement programs is that people are often defensive and when critique is being made it gets taken very personally. A common language can help overcome the personalization issue and depersonalise intentions.

Common language is where an organization develops and internally understood and define set of processes and words that when used has a very specific meaning. Because everyone knows the purpose and meaning, people don’t take the comments personally.

It is why six-sigma, kaizen, qcc’s all work because they all have a globally recognized and accepted common language.

Every organization has existing common language in use. The vocabulary of that common language has to be expanded to include terms and words that are supportive of accelerated business improvement.

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Posted by on February 16, 2007 in Business


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