Preaching to the converted

17 Feb

I just sent out an emai that touched on Palestine,and the email reads as follows:

Thank you for keeping me on your mailing list.

I have created a dedicated page in my blogsite where I am now uploading all the articles that you are sending out. Hopefully this will act as a repository that is open for the world read.

The Imam who gives the Friday Sermon at the mosque is somewhat preaching to the converted…. he also needs to reach out to the people who don’t come to the mosque but how?. Likewise, we have to get as much information out to as many people as possible and hopefully by making this article available via as many different distribution channels we can reach “those who aren’t in the mosque”.

So please do go visit the site and leave your comments and opinions. Even in cyber- space, the world operates on heard mentality. Only when it sees interest and activity, will its curiosity be aroused.

In managing organizations we face the same challenge of preaching to the convereted.
When we talk about accelerated business improvement, be it a turnaround or transformation, there will always be a group of managers who are 100% behind the vision – they are the converetd. The good thing about having “the converts” around us is that they energise us with their support and commitment.

While we know it is no fun preaching to the “unbelievers” we must recognize that, at the start of any change journey, they represent the majority of the people in the organization and if we do not reach out to them and engage them we risk polarising the organization.

For this we have to make a commitment that as CEO, I will make it a priority to ensure I speak to all my staff directly and allow then to speak to me. I will listen to them and what they are saying and I will engage them with respect and honesty. As much as the business is crying for my time, I recognize that I will produce far superior results by having an aligned and engaged workforce then a polarised workforce. It is my job to reach out, first…


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3 responses to “Preaching to the converted

  1. Watcher

    February 21, 2007 at 10:57 pm

    What will the world be if all were converts and with no non believers.?Boring and ending of creativity with no happenings!.Making things worst are converts with herd mentality and blind faith.This are the set of person ,i believe need the most help because they have totally stop reasoning andthinking. They are the real liability which gets organisation deeper in the ditch.I am afraid ,the day all become converts ,will be the day the CEO /manager job becomes extint.Good,bad ,ugly and beutiful is “gravitical force that keeps organisation and world going round,More importantly is for ceo/manager to find the right balance of “gravity” that will accelarate organisation growth.

  2. mindspring

    February 21, 2007 at 11:07 pm

    Maybe if all were converts and there were no non belivers there would be no poverty, no crime, no wars, no destruction…. bu this is not real.

    In organizations you need everyone moving in the same direction. There should be tremendous room for debate and tolerance for conflicting opinions but in the end the ship has to move in one direction.

    Most of the time, management ignores those who have views that are different from themselves. These are the people who need to be converted. Ignoring them only meas we loose out on thier creativity and capabilites.

  3. The Pursuit of Perfection

    February 22, 2007 at 7:19 pm

    Sometimes the non – believers stay as non – believers as there is nothing tangible to reflect on.

    Whilst a leader can communicate & re-communicate his vision & direction, it perhaps more impactful for some to just see results in order to convert.

    The probable leadership style could be

    Step 1 – Communicate Vision & Direction

    Step 2 – Repeat Step 1

    Step 3 – Repeat Step 2

    Step 4 – Just Do it , and you will understand whylater!


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