Cognitive Dissonance

20 Mar

Cognitive Dissonance is defined as the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs or attitudes esp. relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.

Example: you are thinking of purchasing something and your mind keeps going back and forth – buy – don’t buy – buy – don’t buy… there is a conflict in thought or belief in your mind about that purchase.

When we embark on journey’s of change, we are constantly confronted with having inconsistent thoughts – between what we belief a situation should be and what it is. Between who we think we are and what others think of us. Between what we think others should do and what other think they should do.

It is a conflict between our mental perceptions of reality and reality itself.

When we are in a state of dissonance, our minds become troubled, like there is something working in there and our natural resposne to it is to remove the dissonance.

Dissonance gets removed in one of two ways:

Denial – the problem is not me…… or Acceptance – the problem is with me

If dissonance is managed via denial – change cannot and will not take place.

If dissonance is managed via acceptance – then change will take place.

So, as we are going through our transformation paths – and you head is “disturbed” you at least now know what’s causing the disturbance.

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Posted by on March 20, 2007 in Transformation


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