“Hammer and Nail” or “Screwdriver and Screw” ..a choice for management

14 Apr

A hammer and a screw driver both perform similar functions in that they are used to get a nail (a screw is a nail with threads) into a piece of wood, metal, cement…    The goals are the same, to fasten or join two independent object together.  But both accomplish their task very differently.

A hammer is used with lots of force and noise and it is sheer brute strength that produces the results whereas the screwdriver has an elegance to it. It make incremental turns on after another, very quietly, very progressively. To take out a nail, you just yank it out, but to take out a screw you again have to go turn by turn.

In management, maybe we should reflect for a moment, if  the “Hammer and nail” strategy that we often take really works to bond the organization.  As management we see ourselves as hammers and our employess as nails to be hit with force.  True, it will produce results… but short term only, and a small opsing force can undo it.

Whereas a screwdriver and screw metaphor may work better for us.  Each turn maybe slow,but each turn creates traction, in every turn produces a level of traction higher then the previous turn and over time a very strong cohesive bond is created.

Insted of the choice being  a hammer or a nail, maybe the choice should now be  a screwdriver instead of a hammer

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