Why Introspection is Important

14 Apr

I spend the most of my time with organizations that are seeking to achieve accelerated performance improvement in their business. In terms of quantum, one client may be trying to go from 20 million to 60 million improvement on the bottom line while another many be trying to go from 1/2 billion to     2.5 billion

The common thread that I have noticed when doing work with them, is that they are so consumed on pushing for growth that they forget to step back and reflect. Reflect on what is working and what is not. David Kolb, in his adult learning model states that learning happens in a cycle – concrete experience, abstract conceptualization, reflective observation and active experimentation.

Kolb Learning Styles

Because we are so busy pushing for results, we do not take time to stop and reflect, conceptualize and / or experiment. In other word we break our learning cycle and a s a whole the organization stops learning.

Management must create time and space to allow for organizational introspection in order to propagate learning, thinking and innovation. Management must believe and have faith that the time spent on introspection is not wasted time and energy but will further propel the organization forward.

After all, every life altering decision we have made has been a consequence of introspection.

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