No reason to be poor, all the reason to be rich

01 May

A frequent topic that comes up in my course o work is this issue of being “stuck in a rut” – working to many hours, making too little money. So what can we do?

Well, I was perusing the papers yeterday (The Star, Monday 30 April 2007) and this is what I found:

CITIBANK Home Partner -i: – “Finally, home financing that lightens your burden with both security and savings”

Olympia College – “We pay you to study”

Directive Communications – “International Training Business that earns you USD 12,000 working only 5 days a month, and we do 80% of your marketing FREE”

Rapid FX traders workshop (free seminar) – “Make UNLIMITED profit whether the Forex market moves up or down”

World’s business Idea & Trend Conference (RM68) – “I earned USD81,124 within 3 months…”

Joel Bauer (Free Seminar) – “How to retire in 5 – 8 short years and why it is reasonable to make USD10,000… or even USD 100,000 ”

Mirriam McWilliams (free seminar) – “In 2 years I turned US10K into US2,039,492.00 in teh stock market and I can show you my secrets how to do it”

If there are indeed so many opportunities to be make money and teh above people make it look like it is so easy to make money then why aren’t those who are looking to make money flocking to these programs?

As for me I would be very keen to hear from people who have attended any of the above programs to get firsthand feedback.

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One response to “No reason to be poor, all the reason to be rich

  1. bwasi

    May 7, 2007 at 12:20 pm

    Never tried any of these programs…

    There is a story about a speculator whose desire to be a winner was intensified by each successive failure. He tried fundamental analysis, chart analysis, computerized trading systems, and even a number of esoteric techniques ranging from wave counting to astrology. Although each of these approaches seemed to work well on paper, once he started to place actual trades based on these methods an odd thing happened: His short positions inevitably seemed to be followed by towering bull markets, and steady uptrends had an uncanny tendency to reverse course after he went long. After years of frustration, he finally gave up in exasperation.

    It was at this point that he heard of a famous guru who lived on a remote mountain in the Himalayas and who answered the questions of all pilgrims who sought him out. The trader boarded a plane to Nepal, hired guides, and set out on a two-month trek. Finally, completely exhausted, he reached the famous guru.

    “Oh Wise One,” he said, “I am a frustrated man. For many years I have sought the key to successful trading, everything I have tried has failed. What is the secret?”

    The guru paused for only a moment, and, staring at his visitor intently, answered, “BLASH.” He said no more.

    “Blash?” The trader returned home. He did not understand the answer. It filled his mind every waking moment, but he could not fathom its meaning. He repeated the story to many, until finally one listener interpreted the guru’s response.

    “It’s quite simple,” he said. “Buy low and sell high.”


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