My comment in the Harvard Business Review – How do Managers Think

08 May
  1. My entire consulting work is built on the premise that if I can change the way people think in organizations, I can change the performance of organizations. Engagement after engagement, my clients see the power of “meta thinking,” of thinking about what we are thinking about, and they see it in their P&L’s (income statement’s). This is what I call “Accelerated Business improvement.”By thinking about what you are thinking about, it dramatically slows down the rate at which we jump up the “ladder of inference,” allowing us better opportunity to look at the data we are dealing with much more objectively than otherwise.

    In so far a looking at medical doctors doing diagnostics – Malcolm Gladwell, in his book “Blink” gave very good insights to rapid cognition and the significant performance improvement in a cardiac care unit in Chicago.

    The crux of the issue is that we as managers are significantly less objective than we really think we are, but we don’t realize it and anything that can help raise objectivity and remove bias and preconceived notions will definitely boost performance.

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