Bang for the buck recruitment – what problem am I trying to solve?

13 May

We have a vacancy to fill, lets go recruit..

Hang on I say, what are we recruiting for?

Well, we are recruiting to fill in the CFO role. (or HR or Manufacturing or Marketing Directors role – which role doesn’t matter story is still the same)

So what do you want from this CFO?

Well here is the job description…..

STOP! never hire based on a job description.

A job description is an input to the hiring decision but it is not the determinant, if you want to get “bang for your recruitment buck.” Any job (CFO,HR,MD,CIO…) under steady state circumstances is described fairly similarly across all organizations. The substantive role is about the same.

However, organizations are rarely in steady state – which makes each job quite different from another organization. For example, if I am in a business that is in trouble – no cash, cash flow negative – I will need not just any CFO but a CFO with the experience of handing such a situation, on the other hand if I am in a cash cow business with money flowing out of my ears, I will likely needs a CFO with a very strong treasury background.

It is so important to be able to articulate, for every job you fill, this question – what problem do I want this person to resolve. So if you are hiring a toilet cleaner (for example) and your problem is how to keep your toilets working – make sure you hire a cleaner who has some maintenance aptitude and curiosity to notice and fix problems. If you just tell HR you need a toilet cleaner – all they will get you is a person who can clean a toilet.

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Posted by on May 13, 2007 in Business, Transformation


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