Pak Lah in Russia with Putin and Bush

20 Jun

Pak Lah’s visit reminds me of a very old joke that goes as follows:

 Pak Lah, Vladmir Putin and Bush are having coffee after a long day of meetings.  To let off some steam they get into the bragging game.

Putin says: You know guys,  our archaeologist were excavating up in Siberia and we discovered copper wire dating back 2000 years. This means we were so advanced that 2000 years ago we had telephones in Russia.

Bush  not to be outdone says: Well, we didn’t want to tell the world this, but while drilling for oil in Alaska we uncovered fiber optic cables dating back some 3000 years ago. So its no surprise why we are where we are today….

Bush and Putin both turn to Pak Lah who was about to  doze off…

Pak Lah is startled  but without missing  a beat he says ” my friend Samy told me we have been digging all over the place and we have found nothing….. so i guess Malaysia has always been wireless..”

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Posted by on June 20, 2007 in Humour


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