Of King’s, Concubines and Strategy…

18 Jul
This was a comment posted by C53K which I thought was wort sharing.

There is a old story from the warring China;

A famous military strategist was engaged by one of the king of the warring states.

To test the strategist, the king asked him to train a group of palace lady servants, together with two of his favoured concubines, into a disciplined troop.

However, after many attempts, the lady troopers just couldn’t be formed. With the two concubines been the least obedient.

The king was very angry & started to belittle the ability of the strategist.

At last the strategist told the king that for him to be effective, the king MUST NOT interfere in his trainings.

The king promised.

Next, the strategist ordered that the two concubines be punished for in-disciplinary by be-heading them.

The king roared but the strategist hold him to his promise.

From then on the lady troopers quickly fell in line & became one of the legends of the warring period.

Moral of the story;

1) get the full support of your boss before you act. Remember to hold him to his promises!

2) cut the leaders of the cult off quickly – to show example for the rest to toll the line!

3) action must be swift – to prevent the gun-ho-ism of the in-disciplinarians.

I strongly believe these are the medicines MAS needs NOW & FAST – before the staff sabotage caused innocent lives.

I think so many other can learn from this parable too….

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Posted by on July 18, 2007 in General, Leadership


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