Leadership Pipeline: Building the Leadership Powered Organization

18 Aug

We are so looking forward to this conference. For me, getting the opportunity to design this conference from scratch, is an honor. This is something I have been dreaming of doing for the last two years. I guess the vision was there but the “risk appetite” wasn’t.

Most conferences are organized by conference organizers who make money from organizing conferences. The design criteria is dominated by lowest cost, highest profit mindset. It was all about selling and filling up seats.

My goal was to design a conference that has a very strong story line in it so the delegates who attend get a real understanding of the issues at hand. When I described my objective, most organizers laughed me off, saying it was too idealistic. “Conferences if about making money, not educating!” “Most people come to conference to escape the office.”

I am glad that SMPP (my conference organizer) took the time to listen and be flexible to work out a shared risk approach to this project. Christine, wanted to try something different. Something meaningful. Something that had to do with Leadership.
Sitting in Mahbub’s – Lucky Garden, we took a blank piece of paper and sketched out the dream. It goes like this:

The reality is , every industry and enterprise is going to have to open up and face global competition.

As much as competition is a threat, it is also an opportunity

As Malaysians – we are actually very capable and innovative

It is our leadership that are “dumbing us down”

We need to new paradigm of Leadership…….

From here the conference design was born

If you have been reading my blogs – MindSpring and Mindacergas, you will realize that I spend a lot of time on leadership issues. I believe that success or failure of an enterprise – be it a country, city, factory .. is 100% dependent on the Leadership.

In this country Leadership is still very much a buzz word. We have not operationalized it the way Global Organizations have. I wanted this conference to deal with this issue.

The Leadership Challenge manifest itself in 5 situations:

1. Governance

2. Turnarounds (of failing companies)

3. Emerging businesses (new enterprises)

4. Mature Dominant ( the global giants like Shel, Nestle)
5. Post privatization (making state owned enterprises competitive)

If New Zealand – a country with no logistic advantage and a small population can be so competitive and open, why can’t we. The story of New Zealand is all about vision, courage, talent, performance, accountability and success. They started their transformation journey in 1980 and today they are truly first world. We on the other hand…

In this conference we are going to deal with each of the above 5 topics, and we are so grateful that we have manged to get the best of Malaysians who can speak first hand on the above subject to come. We have

Datuk Zarinah – Chairman of the Securities Commission (governance)

Datuk Idris Jala – Managing Director of Malaysian Airlines (turnaround)
En Daud Vicary – COO of Asian Finance Bank (Islamic Banking – an emerging and global business)

Pn Noor Hashimah – Senior Learning Consultant – Shell Global (Mature Dominant)

Datuk Aziz Bakar – SGM Telekom Malaysia (Post privatization) – too be confirmend

Day 2 of the conference is where we run the workshops for delegates to get hands on ad interactive with the issues that surround building your leadership pipeline.

I am excited and I hope you will register and be at the conference.

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