Coping Skills – 27th 28th Feb

13 Feb

MindSpring and SMPP will be running our third program this 27th and 28th FEB – titled Coping Skills.

copingskills.jpg Click here for conference brochure and details or to download brochure copingskills.pdf

Let me pose 3 questions to you?

1. Are you or is your organization currently undergoing change or thinking of undergoing a change / transformation program?

2. Do you wish you knew the ‘secrets’ that; for the least pain will give you the most success in your change program?

3. Do you wish to hear these secrets from people who have actually implemented change in their own organizations?

If you answered yes to the above 3 questions, then this is the program for you and here is why:

The biggest known secret about organizations is that they are made up of people; people like you and I. To change an organization, you can either change the people or get the people to change.

To change the people is easy….but for people to change, maybe not so easy….

You and I, like every one else are creatures of habits. If we are absolutely honest with ourselves we will recognize that we are governed by our habits. The more pleasurable the habit, the stronger it sticks to us. This is why its the same people who day in day out are the first to work and the same other people who are late. We can almost predict to perfection what time our colleagues will come in to work and likewise they can predict us. Tardiness is habitual.

So if you want to bring in rapid change, you need to know how to quickly get people to change habits. Unfortunately with habits, the more me are asked to change to more likely we will resent the requester and the stronger we will  hold on to the habit, UNTIL….

Yes there is an UNTIL…..  a tipping point at which we will give up the habit with joy.

For smokers, no matter how much they know about the ill effects of smoking, they continue, UNTIL… they get the heart attack or cancer… and almost immediately they kill the habit.  Not only are they able to kill the habit, they can even COPE with the changes.

And this is what the program is all about. COPING SKILLS teaches you how to get people to the point of UNTIL and how to then cope with the change. You will be able to use the same knowledge at work, at home or even on your self.

In this program you will have the opportunity to listen and interact with 3 facilitators, namely:

Reinier Starink who has 20 years of experience doing this all over the world for Shell.

Nigel Cumberland who is an expert in talent – and he will tell you how to mine your organization for talent a super critical ingredient to drive rapid change.

And myself…… well if you read my blogs  you should have  a feel of me.

Reinier, Nigel and I  are going to share with you everything that we have learned and all our experiences in driving change and see how it can fit into your situation. Just as important will be for you to share and learn of the experiences of other participants.

That is why we have reserved the 28th – whole afternoon for an up-close and personal session where we will each interact with you in small groups….

One of the best quotes I have had from past participants is that “Coping Skills Changed ME” and this quote was from a burnt out frustrated 53 year old man, who was counting his days. Once he knew how to change, not only did he change but he changed everyone around him. He is now close to 60 and is flying in his organization.

So if you want to learn the secrets of getting “The most change for the least amount of pain”  please register for the program immediately.  Seats are being snapped up.

Click here for conference brochure and details or to download brochure copingskills.pdf or email us here.


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3 responses to “Coping Skills – 27th 28th Feb

  1. Mohd Pazman Othman

    February 28, 2008 at 11:50 pm

    It has been a wonderful 2 days experinces in the workshop.
    The juggling parts is the most exciting.
    I have learned that change and transision are different and need diffrent approach.

  2. Rosfarina Amin

    March 2, 2008 at 6:31 pm

    The most valuable lessons I’ve gathered from the 2-day session was that how change could bring out the best and worst in us .. either we can accept the truth about our ownself or go all out of our way to find the ‘magic mirror’ that will show us that changes belongs to someone else (yes friends .. another way of saying .. find the proof .. )

    Being a true green print, I shared my 2-day experiences with some others and unsurprisingly, a few times these comments came out to me .. ” Of course, those guys/speakers were from that company” … and I can’t help responding .. yees, so what???

    One man in our country has showed us and to the world, that it is possible. Hey, coincidently, he is from that company too. Is he still in that company when he transform MAS? Of course not. So how did he make it work? By focusing on making it happen. And how did he do it? Because he knows what needs to be done, how to do it and most importantly, doing it and keep on going without faltering in his steps. And he believe it can happen. And he has the guts to do it too (I am starting to believe that creativity is connected to sheer guts). Do not be surprise when one day, Harvard or Oxford invite him as guests speaker to their respective establishment.

    My fellow Malaysian’s .. wake up … its time to stop blaming those guys in 1511 for the downfall of our once great Empire … and stop saying that we are still too young because we’ve only been independant since 1957.

    We are most advantage because we do not have to create anything new.. we are in the position to learn from others (mistakes and success) that could help us craft our own destiny, the advantage to make changes before it is too late.

    Start being the khalifa and stop being sitting ducks … the survived ducks story will always be the same, ‘the wind help deflect the bullets’ .. 🙂 .. cheerio!!


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