Dear Rosfarina….

02 Mar

Thank you for you comment which you posted here

Rosfarina, the reaction that you are getting from people is typical, so very typical. You should hear the GEMs of comments coming out from MAS (former) big wigs today about Idris Jala. They say, What Idris is doing is nothing great, “we too wanted to do it but was not allowed then to do it”.

Idris has accomplished what he has accomplished not because he is more special or much cleverer than the average Joe. He has accomplished it becasue he has been taught and he has learned to be a master of “understanding why we behave the way we behave and the impact it has on business performance.” He has mastered the process of “dreaming the impossible” and the “discipline of action.”

The steps and methodology to large scale turnarounds are similar, no matter what industry. Just read Who said elephants can’t dance – which chronicles Lou Gerstner’s turnaround of IBM.”

The difference between the Shell, IBM’s, Philip, Unilever, Nestle, etc of the world and the average malaysian GLC is that these companies invest a huge amount of money in developing their people. Not just in training but also in exposure. These companies tap into the top brains around the world not so much to figure out where their business must go, but how to get their people all fired up.

I said during the conference, the most dangerous person is a person who doesn’t know what he doesn’t know. And when confronted with new knowledge, the first reaction is to reject it. And the way we reject it is by trivializing it. So don’t get stressed by what you hear, it is only to be expected.

I said in the conference that human behavior in response to change is fairly predictable. “if we have to change or to find proof of why not to change, we get busy on finding the proof” – remember – my second slide!

The key quality of a good change leader is to be able to anticipate the respondent behavior and not get fazed by it.
So don’t be stressed, don’t be frustrated, don’t be angry. Just keep “preaching” and soon enough people will follow. The reaction you are getting is to be expected.

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Posted by on March 2, 2008 in Leadership, Transformation


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