Strategy – Pak Lah’s fatal choice

19 Mar

I have always contended that the worse strategy to take is the “middle line” which puts you neither here nor there.  In strategy – be it corporate or political, the goal is alwys to find leverage = the least amount of effort for the most amount of results.

A middle line choice is always the worse – neither here, not there.

To test if my theory is correct, let us watch the political games that are in full swing in Malaysia right now.  The Prime Minister – Abdullah Badawi or Pak Lah just lead his party to its biggest white wash in Malayisa’s 51 year history. He is still PM but a PM on very shaky ground.

He had  the opportunity to make some very difficult choices (read PakLah Seize theDay), instead he went for the middle line – which has hugely compromised his position (read The Bells are tolling for Pak Lah).  safe to say if he survives through the UMNO General Assembly then my theory about the middle line is wrong, but if he doesn’t, then there is merit to my theory.

Now only time will tell, so keep watcing to watch how the story wil unfold.

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Posted by on March 19, 2008 in General, Leadership, Transformation


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