What “walking the talk” is not

21 Mar

I said in an earlier post that we will get lots of data to study leadership and change for the aftermath of the elections.   One of the Critical Success Factors to bring about change and confidence in that change is for the leadership to be seen walking the talk.

The Prime Ministers post election cabinet is a good example of what not to do. Please bear in mind, that I have always maintained, you can make 100 correct choices but people will remember you for the 2 wrong ones you made.

In Pak Lah’s case his mistakes are:

1. Retaining Zulhasnan Rafique as FT Minister.  The Federal Territory saw 12 out of 14 seats go to the oppositions.  Simply on the basis of accountability, Zulhasnan should have done the right think and offered himself to not become minister or if that did not happen Pak Lah should have not picked him up as minister.

2. Bringing in Mohamed Taib.  One of the reason’s that BN was decimated in the elections was that Pak Lah had failed miserable to deal with the issue of corruption, which was the platform he stood on at the last elections.  Obviously he doest not read to well in between the lines.  Muhammad Taib was not even offered as a candidate for the elections , then he gets picked up as a Minister. This is the man who was caught with a brief case full of money at Brisbane airport and has to resign as chief minster of Selangor.

No amount of reason or rational can justify their selection.  The only message is send out is that BN/UMNO/PM will continue to say one thing and do another – so this is not how you walk the talk.

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Posted by on March 21, 2008 in Articles, Business, Leadership, Transformation


One response to “What “walking the talk” is not

  1. Kayown

    March 24, 2008 at 5:04 pm

    On Muhd Taib, it’s a bargain made (some say with the ‘devil’) to give him senatorship / ministership for not giving him Shah Alam or Kuala Selangor candidacy. Well Done Mat Taib (NOT!) for settling for 2nd best which actually got him ministership.

    Pak Lah has become clueless again. KJ is hiding and keeping mum and already looking at exit strategy (talks with PKR’s Anwar via 3rd party may be a strategy now)


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