How NOT to recruit a HR Director

12 May

I picked this up in the Saturday 10th May Star. Bank Simpanan Nasional is advertising for the position of Director, Human Resource. Read through the ad and see if you can spot what is wrong with it.

IF you did not spot it, let me share with you. The Ad request anyone who is interested in the HR Directors job to send the CV to Manager, Human Resource….who potentially will be the HR Directors subordinate.

If I were interested in applying for this very senior position, can you imagine the reluctance I would have, because my subordinate will be screening the applications.

As a note of advise, if one is recruiting for the jobs reporting to CEO, always ask the interested parties to mail their CV’s to the CEO. It just sends all the right messages.

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One response to “How NOT to recruit a HR Director

  1. Jasber

    May 29, 2008 at 6:48 pm

    I wonder of such jobs advertised , if is it actually required to meet the business needs than the matter would have be treated with great respect .Ironical but with number of VSS and retrenchment it cannot be refute that many organization had employed just to fill up vacancies and later when company is unable to sustain the employees experience the pain of retrenchment and VSS.

    Some owners of businesses believe it is a way to pay back to society by providing employment even if there is no job to be done. Logically while the owner still reigns everything will be sunshine until another owner comes in with own belief system. It is interesting to note of how law of karma even prevails in businesses. Would the theory of abundance continue to pay off and keep the businesses sustain ? Believing is seeing .


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