What’s Unique about MindSpring’s Conferences?

08 Oct

Having been asked this question many times over, I though I should just post the answer here for all to read.

1. MindSpring only runs 2 conferences a year. The 1st in the early part of the year, typically in Q1 and the 2nd in the later part of the year typically Q3.

2. A MindSpring conference is very much issue based, as opposed to theme based.


  • A theme based conference will boast of many speakers each spending 45 to 60 minutes on a particular topic within a General Theme.  Delegates in a theme based conference get general exposure to a range of topics.  
  • Whereas, an issue based conference focuses on a specific issue and work on the issue over a 2 day period. We look at the issue then develop the required frameworks to contextualize and understand the root causes of the issue and how to apply solutions to resolve the issues.  Delegates in an issue based conference leave with a degree of mastery of the issue and are quickly able to apply what has been learned.


3. MindSpring  determines its issue to focus on based on the current issues its clients are facing.  This upcoming conference: Cutting through Chaos – Building Coherence into Transformation will address 2 key issue with change: a: the high failure rate of change programs and b: change burnout.

Previously we ran:


  • in Q1 08, Coping Skills – Developing Capacity for Organizations to Cope with Change and
  • in Q2 07, Managing for Performance – a rethink of Performance Management. 


4. A MindSpring conference has 3 parts to it:


  • framing the issues that each delegate’s organization is dealing with, 
  • developing the body of knowledge to understand the root causes of the issues and the possible solutions and 
  • a module we call “Learning in Action” where delegates consult each other to develop real solutions to their issues.


5. Delegates leave the conference with a number of valuable gems such as:


  • greater clarity on the issues they are facing
  • clear understanding of the root casues of the issues
  • solutions that can be applied to the root causes of the issues
  • from Learning in Action, the confidence to use the learnings from the program in their respective organizations.
Another frequent question we get is if we can run the conference in-house.  Our typical answer is no for the following reasons:
  • Conferences, by virtue of being attended by a variety of organizations help broaden the delegates perspective of the issues
  • It is a tremendous confidence booster to delegates when they are able to help other organizations solve their issues 
  • Delegates soon realize that most people related  issues are common irrespective of business or function
  • And always we see, new relationships develop.
In contrast, our “in-house” programs are run very differently. They are very client centric aimed at solving a real business problems in a fairly robust if not ruthless manner with the goal of creating sufficient tension and discomfort with the status quo, such that it compels people to action. 
We are grateful for the most generous reviews that our conferences have received and we work hard to improve all the time.
Hope to see you soon at our Conference.
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