My 2nd Firefly trip

01 Dec

I took my second fireflyz trip from Subang to Penang and return on the 26 and 27th November, exactly a week after my first trip.

This time around there were some interesting twist to the whole experience. On the 25th itself I get an sms from Firefly that my return flight has been cancelled and I am on the earlier 645pm flight instead of 8pm flight. This was positive for me as it meant I could get back earlier but the risk was that I would not be able to complete my work in Penang on time. On the return trip itself, I was a bit upset to find out that the 8pm flight was not cancelled and that there was no necessity for me to have rushed to finish work and get the airport. (Minus 1 point to Flirefly for not telling the truth but plus 1 point for giving early notice so plans can be made)

Asides from that, it was uneventful, We left almost on time but both ways landed on time.

My new observations about the positives of flying on Firefly is that because it departs from Subang, we already save lots of time and walking as compared to KLIA. More than that the ATR 72′ are quiet, they flew at a ceiling of 15,000 feet which was not very high. The advantage of this was the plane got to straight and level very fast, and had a longer straight and level flight as compared to flying on a jet.

The benefit to me was that I had more time to do work on the flight. This was very nice.

All I can ask is for FFLY to keep it up and once the subang skypark is ready, flying on FFLY will be a pleasure.

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