Maximizing Organizational Potential

06 Nov

Here is a must see video on Managing the “non-high flyers” and why you need to focus on them.

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Posted by on November 6, 2009 in Leadership


One response to “Maximizing Organizational Potential

  1. AD

    November 11, 2009 at 7:14 pm

    Couple of comments –

    1.”It’s not good to have heroes”
    Many managers & org. in fact most of those try to create heroes or Class A players. While they do so they neglect the rest and these people feel envy and finally quit. It is not good to create many heroes or may be no heroes at all. It happened in my org. when I was recruited, and showcased as the new BSchool grad. with new ideas. Not that the ones who were there were too bad.. may be a few were bad but not all. But seeing the inclination of my boss which i enjoyed for some time ultimately led the other performers leave the org. Ultimately I didnt have people to work alongside and no one’s objective was fulfilled. In fact by creating one hero we lose many in the process.

    I think an org. could also have many performers but no heroes so that continuously they keep churning within the same set. I think it is more of an utopian concept.

    2. I agree with an earlier blog that good attitude without skill can be worked out but bad attitude with good skill will only make you lose much more in terms of direct & indirect losses and hamper the org. culture

    – AD


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