Malaysia’s New Economic Model

03 Nov

I am creating a new category called the NEM as a repository for all my writings on the New Economic Model.  All comments are welcome and will not be moderated for as long as the languages used is constructive.

The pulse of any society can be measured by  its EEG or Economics, Ethics and Governance polices and practices. Therefore this blog will look at the NEM from the perspective of EEG.

If you haven’t read the New Economic Model (parts 1 and part 2), you should. All credit must be given to the NEAC for the honesty and truth in its analysis. Most importantly it is a document free from the smell of politics. It is critical yet fair. It not only says what we as a country need to do, it spells out why we need to do and how we will do it. It also makes clear our challenges in executing the NEM.

There is a great quote by the NEAC that reads:

“The NEM…..It sets up a stark choice for Malaysians and their political leadership, a choice between muddling through in a business-as-usual mode and going for a historical transformation of the economy.”

The challenges come down to two: the  political will to change and the social cohesion needed to enable the change. In the absence of political will and social cohesion, we will be mired in this constant political venom spitting that plays in our news everyday.

I hope, through a series of posts, to share my views of the NEM starting with:

  • Malaysia’s Glory  Year’s (1971 – 1996)
  • Unintended Consequences of the NEM (1997 – 2008)
  • The watershed of the 12th General Election’s
  • The New Economic Model
  • Why the poor will continue to get poorer and how we can reverse it

I hope you enjoy reading and do feel free to contribute to the richness of the discussion by posting your comments in the comment section. (Click on where it says leave a comment, just below this)

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