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Petronas Future Leaders Forum – Transform the Power Within US

What a fantastic themed setup for a transformation event.  Click on the pictures to see enlarged view.

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The 7 Abilities Leaders Must Have

7 High Performance Abilites

It is safe to say that the first test of a leader is to deliver results – “deliver what you promise.” After all leadership is not judged by what you say instead it is judged by what you do. If we agree to the above hypothesis, then the next question is, therefore what are the abilities required by a leader to “deliver what she promises?”
The answer is – there are 7 abilities, but before I rattle them off, let me give some context to it through 2 immutable facts of high performing organizations:

Fact 1: all business exist to grow in value over time. Call it enterprise value, shareholder value, whatever but the underpinning raison d’etre of a buinsess is to grow.
Implied in the notion of growth are 2 laws –  the law of continuos change and  the law of rising targets. Einstein once said  “insanity is to keep doing the same things, expecting a different result.” So growth by definition means continuously doing things differently  – which means continuos change and growth by definition means setting higher and higher goals, which means rising targets.

Fact 2: all businesses that grow – at a very micro level have 1 common trait. They are  continuously innovating, looking at results and thinking about those results. They then experiment to try and see if they can produce results faster, better and cheaper. They then reflect on their experiment results and once satisfied, they act on it or implement it.  Then the cycle starts all over again. This virtuous cycle of Think->Experiment->Reflect->Act over and over and over and over again is what makes good companies, great. Its as simple as that.

Implied in the notion of continuously innovating in this virtuous cycle is the capacity for thinking,  measuring and implementing. So from the 2 immutable fact of high performing organizations, we distill out the 7 High Performance Abilites as follows:

The 7 Abilities:

1. Ability to Think: As funny as this may seem, because of conditioning we struggle to think beyond our normal thinking patterns.  Thinking in its most basic form is  the ability to link cause and effect, a step higher is the ability to connect unrelated events and the highest from is philosophy. High Performing Managers deliver on their promises by out thinking the competition.

2. Ability to Count: Here is another one that seems so obvious because who cannot count? Well, lots of managers do struggle with numbers, not the quantity but the quality of it. They will say things like lets grow sales by 10% (quantity) but fail to grasp what it will really takes to do 10% (quality). High Performing Managers have an ability to add quality to their numbers and through that understand exactly how they will leverage their organization to deliver as promised.

3. Ability to Communicate: Communications is the ability to get an idea across. and to leverage your resources you need to communicate. High Performing Managers know that communications is not about the ability to talk but the about the ability to get people to act on what is said.

4. Ability to Lead: Leading means getting your people organized, pointing them in the right direction, motivating them, developing team capabilities, coaching and engendering a can do spirit. High Performing Managers are able to to get seemingly ordinary employees to produce extraordinary results.

5. Ability to Drive Change: The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same things, but expecting a different result. High Performing Managers are adept at getting their people to continuously do things differently to produce better resutls.

6. Ability to Manage for Performance: Managing for Performance mindset that ensures every member of the team “delivers as promised.” High Performing Managers know how to manage their people for results.

7. Ability to Deliver Results: Ultimately its all about results. High Performing Managers  have a mindset that nothing is impossible and everything is possible.  The use the 6 above mentioned capabilities  to achieve the 7th.  High Performing Managers are driven by the goal.

Look at your managers and objectively assesses each one against the above 7 abilities. If they have it, then your organization is safe, if they don’t then you need to help them acquire the 7 abilities, after which your organization will never be the same again.  See how we help clients develop these 7 abilities (click here).

Please share with me your thoughts..


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Truly nonsensical communications

This appeared in today’s Star. The nonsense: Syabas says it has decommissioned the tank and then continues to say the water level has been reduced from 3m to 1m to reduce the risk of collapse. a. If it has been decommissioned, whyreduce the water level, why not simply empty it? b. If there is a risk of collapse, shouldn’t they dismantle the entire structure? They go on to say that the government has frozen all capex spending, but taking a tower down is certainly not capex. Anyway for the people of Taman Cantik, I pray that this is not another disaster in the making. [cat in the news]

syabas says

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The most important Automotive Conference in Malaysia

ASLI3.gif MAA2.gif
26th & 27th of May 2009 PWTC KUALA LUMPUR

Harnessing the Power of Technology to Generate Sales in Tough Times
Presented by Michael Cross

Even in tough times there are always opportunities for well-run businesses to prosper. If you’re attending this years KL International Automotive Conference, you’ll be able to to pick up practical tips and strategies designed to increase your sales opportunities.

Michael Cross, Asian Pacific Sales Director with respected global Australian company, Auto-IT, will pass on some of the best tips and strategies designed to help dealers thrive in a challenging market. We look forward to seeing you there!


Please note: All Auto-IT invitees can attend for the discounted price of RM1500.
Event Details
PWTC-Pics.jpgThe Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute (ASLI) with the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) has organised the2nd Kuala Lumpur International Automotive Conference (KLIAC) 2009 on the 26th & 27th May 2009at the PWTC Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The theme of this apt and timely conference is “Surviving and Thriving during the Economic Downturn”. This conference is also supported by the Australian Trade Commission (AUSTRADE), Frost & Sullivan, Interexpo (M) Sdn. Bhd., ISM Insurance Services Malaysia and Malaysia Airlines as KLIAC 2009 preferred airline.
The Hon. Tan Sri Dato’ Muhyiddin Haji Mohd Yassin, Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia has kindly consented to deliver the Special Keynote Address and officiate the conference and The Hon. Dato’ Mustapa bin Mohamed, Minister of International Trade & Industry (MITI), will deliver the special closing address and officially close the conference.
Event Objectives

  • Using the innovative and highly interactive ‘talk show’ format, the sessions will offer a more relaxed, conversational approach and ‘cross-fire deliberations’ amongst role-players and delegates to disseminate key information and gain ever-shifting perspectives
  • Focus on current developments and key issues in the Automotive Industry
  • Provide intellectually stimulating, constructive and healthy interchange of views amongst the role-players and delegates
  • Receive first-hand information from the distinguished panel of experts
  • Learn from the ideas, in-depth assessments and practices of the role-players as they candidly share their pathway to business success and excellence under varying conditions
  • Provide fantastic opportunities for participants to broaden their contact base and network with the industry leaders, players and other delegates
  • Learn first-hand from successful automotive companies how they manage their products to emerge as winners
  • Search for ways to build environmental thinking into business strategies and cope with the pressures and responsibilities of managing environmental challenges
  • Identify and evaluate key trends, dynamic forces and developments that will shape businesses in the automotive industry
  • Learn how to build and spread global businesses in, and formulate business strategies for emerging economies
  • Provide the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the future of the industry and to take away tangible and actionable solutions to keep your companies afloat and ahead of the competitors
  • Provide unparalleled opportunity for marketers to gain critical insights into positioning their products more effectively
  • Delegates and senior automotive executives to have in-depth discussions on the challenges, opportunities and trade-offs of reducing the carbon footprint of their vehicles

Register NOW
To register, please complete the registration form and forward without delay to the address shown on the form. Please note that all Auto-IT invitees can attend for thediscounted price of RM1500.Don’t delay. This event starts this month – 26th May.

If you require clarification on any of the details relating to this invitation, please call Michael Cross directly on +61 (0) 409 652 060 or via email.

Supporting & Marketing Partner Preferred Carrier
Interexpo.gif Malaysian-Airlines.gif
Supporting Partners
Austrade.gif Frost-Sullivan.gif ISM-ABI.gif



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Funny Cartoons

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what’s the job for a snowman in summer?



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